Contents (complete with color photos)

  1. Decorating - An Adventure in Self-Expression
  2. Windows - Your Greatest Decorating Potential
  3. If Informality is Your Life Style
  4. If You Prefer a Gracious Formality
  5. Yours is a "Beginner" Home
  6. Great Color Schemes
  7. Fabrics Develop a Room's Character
  8. It's the Age of Pattern
  9. Always in Perfect Taste - the Pleated Traverse
  10. Cafes, a Happily Versatile Style
  11. Combine Treatments for Extra Flair
  12. Glass Walls Need a Softening Touch
  13. Do Big Things With an Ordinary Standard Window
  14. Valances are Great Dress-Ups
  15. Little Ideas with "Pow !"
  16. Sheets & Ready-mades, an Easy Answer
  17. Basic Window Types
  18. A Variety of Treatments for all Types of "Standard" & "Problem" Windows
  19. Decorataive Excitement in High Style Rods
  20. How-to-Do-It Workbook
  21. News in Drapery Hardware
  22. Decorate a Wall with Shelving
  23. Accessory "Dress-Ups" for your Bathroom
  24. News in Decorator Style
  25. Bedspreads

Item # HD-04

$ 10.00

How to Make your Windows Beautiful
A Kirsh Publication Volume IV
1972, Kirsch Company, Sturgis, Michigan

Over 125 color photos of inspired window treatments; pages of ideas and "how-to" facts; where to find great color schemes, new fabrics; plus bright ideas in drapery hardware, decorative wall shelving, bathroom accessories and bedspreads.

Soft cover, 128 pages

Scroll down page for more photos


Condition: Very good. Normal use with minor creases on corners of front cover. One page was 'dog-eared' but otherwise, clean, informative & pictorial source for home decor from 70s traditional to wild !



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